• Brennan Healing Science Practitioner 

  • Light Touch Therapist

  • Graduate of Star Mountain School of Shamanic Studies

  • Colorado Enneagram Studies, Certified Teacher

  • Registered Nurse

Carol Jackson


Many years ago I developed physical pain that had no diagnosis.  I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I had symptoms that I couldn’t control or find a name for.  I could barely keep food down.  I was too prideful to beg for pain medication and in my anguish began seeking alternative medical care.  I was eventually led to a Native American Shaman who showed great compassion for my situation.  I learned a lot from him and began to see pain in a different way.  I studied with him for two years after I began to feel better.  He taught me how every single experience, relationship and wounding can affect our wellness.  We often learn to hide our misery even from ourselves, and to fake it to get by.  He recommended The Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) if I wanted to take my learning to the next level.  I had never heard of this school and this recommendation led me to research the program.  

It took a few years but eventually I was able to attend the Brennan school.  It was the most challenging and illuminating experience of my life.  I learned how everything is energetic.  Happiness, anger, sadness, and joy etc., are easily seen as energetic displays.  Physical symptoms are an energetic expression as well.  We reveal our story energetically all the time, we just don't acknowledge it as energy signals.  If the energy field becomes healthier, everything associated becomes healthier.


I am in awe of what the mind and body can do to heal itself. There are depths of freedom and wisdom that are waiting to be experienced and the heart and soul are longing for the opportunity to grow.  It just takes the first step.