About Brennan Healing Science


The Barbara Brennan School of Healing was established in 1982 by Dr Barbara Brennan, educated in philosophy, theology, atmospheric physics and worked as a NASA researcher.   

She eventually deeply immersed herself in the study of the Human Energy Field and changed

the course of energy healing in the world.  

Energy therapy is about clearing and balancing the human energy field.   In every cell of the human body there is an electrical charge that allows the cells to function.  These cells collectively create the first level of the human energy field.  It was subsequently learned that additional levels of the field directed other matters of life.  Through this continued study, the Barbara Brennan

School of Healing was opened.


There are at least seven levels associated with the human body.  This information is always evolving.   We experience many challenges over our lifetime that can hugely affect all layers of our field.  Our response to stress, trauma and distress often result in illness, anxiety, emotional disturbance, pain, and many other difficulties.  As the client and healer are able to unfold the energy information that has been dormant or hidden, the picture of the healing needs becomes  revealed.  It is a highly individualized and personalized journey of discovery.

A Brennan Healing Science Practitioner must complete four years of schooling to graduate.   During the four years of schooling we work with clients under the supervision of teachers and Brennan therapists.  We also work on our own personal process extensively.  Through practice and oversight, we begin to comprehend about, and have great compassion for, the depth of the human condition.  We are all in this together and the healing of one person contributes to he healing of humanity and the planet.