As someone with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and chronic fatigue going on 15 plus years, I have been to more doctors and I have had more tests done to me than I can count. When my best friend recommended I see Carol, I was excited to learn her background and I knew I had found someone who could possibly help in a new way that no one else had been able to in the past.

I had no idea how much Carol would change my life! 

Her intuition and healing abilities guide her to the root of the problem rather than just giving you pills to mask the problem. Her gentle, kind, and relaxing treatments leave me feeling like I am light and mentally clear and focused.

I always feel so amazing and pain free when I leave. 

The journey I am on with her is so special and I feel so blessed to have finally found someone who cares about my well being and who truly helps me, mind, body and spiritually.


-Shelley B.

Carol is an amazing and gifted practitioner.  Her energy work has been absolutely transformational in my life in many ways.  From helping to resolve physical problems and chronic pain issues to shifting thinking and behavioral patterns to learning how to find calm and more. 

Nothing is off limits with the change coming from sessions with Carol.  

Her sage wisdom, gentle guidance and true presence has given me the courage to grow in every way.  She is a gift to this world and am so very thankful for her.

-Michelle M.

I came to Carol after experiencing a major traumatic situation.  With her help, I was able to seek some peace within myself and better process the situation that had occurred.  I could also physically feel a crushing weight lifted off my soul and body after her working with me.  I left with a sense of compassion and love for myself that I was so struggling to find.

-Joanna V.

I have a very demanding work schedule, and I am currently seeking to heal from chronic fatigue and IBS.  It is wonderful to know that I can receive a session from Carol that leaves me feeling more at peace, grounded, energized and uplifted. 

Also, she always listens to me intently and constructs a session to address the issues that are most important at that time.  Her caring guidance and heart centered presence means the world to me as I am on this journey of returning to health in body, mind and spirit.

-Margo O.

I came to see Carol after a family tragedy.  Knowing nothing about this type of work, I didn't really know what to expect.  I was just trying different avenues of healing to get to a better place.  After each session I've had with Carol I can honestly say that I feel lighter and happier.  She has brought many things to light for me that I wasn't aware of or processing, but now make perfect sense.  I encourage anyone to try a session to see what it can do for you in your life.

-Shane L.