What is Energy Healing? 

Energy work focuses on the energy field in and around our bodies. Those who work in the field of energy medicine have learned that there are layers of energy around every living life form on the planet.  As the field is impacted with all of the things that affect our lives, the body becomes altered by the positive and negative influences.  Sometimes these influences make us sick. 

Sometimes we have to learn that there is a strong relationship between our beliefs in life and our health.

The energy healer works on the imbalances that have created disruptive patterns in our bodies by entering each layer of the energy field around the body, organs , muscles, bones or any location that is sensed to be malfunctioning.  By entering the levels of the field with all of our senses, the problem can be identified and the healing begun.  The work is to bring the entire system back into balance. 

 Sometimes the problems have been in an abnormal state for decades or the belief system can be held  so strongly that the work involves extensive unlayering to bring the body to the original balance of health.

The experience becomes a gentle unfolding towards wellness and vitality. 

It is a precious investment in Life.

Compassionate Wisdom Working with the Human Energy Field   


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